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Poo Studs Cost: You will need to destroy the Morgul bricks blocking their door to gain access to the quest. Disguises Cost: Before you can get the quest, you will need to put out the fire in front of his door. To do this, go to the left of his house and plant the seedling that you find there. Now use this to bounce up onto his roof where you can walk along a plank to find some water.

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Fill your bucket and head down to put the fire out. Boss Disguises Cost: To find him you will need to reach an island by jumping across bouncing lily pads.

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You will need to use a rope hook on the first one, and hit a target with an arrow on the second one. Now bounce over the pads until you find the dwarf behind a gate, which you will need the Beserker to open for you.

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To reach him you will need to find an arrow hole on the right side of the gate. Fire an arrow into it, then use a high jumper to jump from arrow to arrow until you land at the base of a ladder. Now just climb up the ladder to find the orc. X2 Cost: Getting to this woman can be a pain. Head towards the question mark in the northern part of Rivendell and you will find a pool of water. Head around the pool, to the right, until you see some leaves int he water.

Jump onto the leaves and use these to get to a bouncing lil pad.

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Use the lily pad to jump up and reach the grab rail. Shimmy round the column and drop down onto another lily pad, then jump onto the land to find the female elf. X4 Cost: Ignore these the first time you run through a level. They don't have anything you need to complete the level.

Once you have completed the level, it will be unlocked for "Free Play".

In this mode, you have access to a lot more characters and can get to those parts you couldn't get to before. The general idea, I think, is to let you play the game twice. Complete the entire game to unlock all the levels and characters, then go through it again in Free Play and collect all the bits you couldn't access before.

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Last edited: Nov 13, Ed Hardy , Nov 13, I am having a difficult time killing the Baulrog! I can get him to protect himself, but not sure how to damage him,,,any advice? HardRock , Nov 13, To be honest, I'm also stuck fighting the cave troll. And I think you've made more progress against him than I have -- how did you get him to protect himself?

I have thrown several shots at him, he drops to his knees, I run up and stab him, he then wraps his wings around himself and then I am stuck. Otherwise, the game is great.

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The only reservation I have is I would appreciate if the Lego company, as every new Star Wars movie comes out they would add those new episodes to the complete Saga game instead of creating separate game apps for each individual episode. They should be making enough money off of other merchandise and games that they should be able to make these apps free of charge.

Otherwise I really do like the game a lot.

The Original Trilogy and never played the first one. This game is what keeps me from ending it all with me and mobile LEGO games. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Bug fixes and optimizations to bring you an even better experience. Bug fixes and optimizations for iOS8. Optimizations made. We used the Force to address some graphical issues and make gameplay fixes! Remember that the controls can also be changed at any time using the pause menu. Thanks for playing and may the bricks be with you!