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But prices do come down after a while. I've been looking at web sites for old mobile phones from the late s onwards and they cost a lot then.

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Also, phone manufacturers exploit cheap labour in Asia, and cut corners on health and safety during manufacturing. So the phone may have a nominal manufacturing cost, but is sold at a price to make a high profit.

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Just look at how much a brick phone used to cost in the s. Add a comment.

Source s: In some cases it's the technology. For instance: A high mega-pixel camera 13mpx for instance will cost more than a 5mpx camera. Compare the price of a Moto G vs a Moto X for an excellent example of how these technologies affect the price of a phone. The amount of memory in the phone also affects the price. As for the iPhone; It's expensive because it can be. Phones are like cars: If you can't afford a BMW, buy a Chevy.


If you can't afford the iPhone, buy a Moto-G. To pay the engineers and stock holders. Some are not and they are good phones. Like my SKK. And a used phone start at U.

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The problem is name brand phones only in America. They limit imports. So preset pricing. And we do not have phone plans. But buy a load for what we wish to use the phone for. But name brand phones. Very over rated are expensive. You pay for the Name. I have been using a qwerty phone for the last three years with no problem, and they are much less expensive then the smartphones while still offering the basics and fast texting.

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Unfortunately I have noticed a lot of cell phone providers are forcing a switch to smartphones, a switch I will avoid for as long as I can. Good question. I'm getting ready to make a decision myself on whether or not to keep my provider or go with another. Both have restructured their pricing plans and what phones they offer. Being budget conscious, I am forgoing getting the most newest and sticking with a model a year or two older. However, one thing I noticed is that the apps become more advanced than the phone that they were originally written for and eventually fail as the phone becomes obsolete.

To answer your question, it is the price that people are willing to pay for. Part of it is demand. You can even get a free cell phone with a service agreement. The secret formula to getting the cheapest cell phone plan for you is, usage, plus rates, plus incentives. Incentives being the freebies like free cell phones or free minutes. Find a healthy balance of all three factors, and you'll have your cheapest cell phone plan. Add a comment. Asker's rating. Reverse Phone Number Lookup - http: Get Free Government Phones - http: Lookup Unknown Callers http: The cheapest I have found is Ting.

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Special FREE items with purchase, like blutooth headsets and digital printers. They port numbers for free. I ordered my phones and service from here and they work great! Hope this helps!

You can go with Ting. They offer really cheap service that you only pay for what you use per month. GO towards a shop where they sell used mobiles. Even in those places people sell new phones. So try that. Solavei is a new company that cam out a few years ago and is spreading like fly's. It provides you with great service and and even FREE mobile service if you enroll invite, recruit people. Existing questions.

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