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In this game, coins are used in transactions.

Perfect FreeKick 3D - Top Free Kick Soccer Game by "Media5 Interactive" LLC

To get more coins, you have to win matches, sell players or upgrade the stadium, see ads to earn more bonus coins. What I love the most about this game is the ability to play with my friend by connecting to the same Wi-Fi router or via Game Center. Soccer Star Legend World is a soccer manager game that lets you manage your own professional career. You can start as a striker, midfielder or defender, then hire an agent who will help you manage your finances, trainer and you can focus on each challenge to be a real professional soccer player.

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Learning to play this game is really easy as you only use arrows buttons to move your player and two other buttons on the bottom right-hand side to kick and jump. There are six different modes: Each of these has different objectives to come out as the winner.

There is also an online multiplayer mode where you can challenge and match up with your friends via Game Center or Bluetooth. To score, just like in real soccer matches, you have to try getting the ball into the opposing goal.

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The game has various levels of difficulty and different playing surfaces like grass, ice, or dirt to test your skills on slow or slippery fields. You can also play with friends on the same device or play offline against an AI. Slide Soccer also has an Online multiplayer mode that lets you challenge your friends and players around the world. Top Eleven. Top Eleven is the most-played online soccer manager game in which you will have the opportunity to take control of a soccer team, and test and improve your skills while playing against other managers from around the globe.

10 Best Soccer Games for iPhone and iPad

This game is all about penalty free kick. Final Kick lets you create your team of dreams and train them to make increasingly spectacular goals. It has impressive realistic graphics with slow-motion replays to watch the best shots from all possible angles. Game controls are as simple as swiping the finger to shoot and dragging the goalkeeper to make saves. You can also play against your friends or let the game find you an opponent to see how good you are in short games.

And your object is to use that jump button to score as many goals as you can and stop your opponent from scoring as well. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

15 Best Soccer game apps for Android & iOS

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The iOS version has an Apple Watch companion app. It puts you in the boots of a novice pro: Whether you want to beef up your pub-punditry skills or get an extra edge in your fantasy football career, this is a genuine rabbit-hole of an app. Even so, when they do work, the ability to tune in live on a smartphone or tablet rather than be tethered to your home television is welcome.

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That popularity is justified: Like rivals, Onefootball is exploring how to add smartwatch features, while its level of detail from global to local leagues is impressive. Football Manager Handheld is also excellent, and available for smartphones as well as tablets. As with the Classic mode in recent Football Manager PC games, this is tuned for players to blast through seasons if they want to, with an assistant to take some tasks off your hands.

Perfect for people whose FM habit has waned due to life pressures. But UFL offers a really interesting spin on the format, best experienced by signing up and creating a league with your own friends.

The Best Football Games for Android

Fanatix offers a slightly different take on football video-sharing though: Highlights last for 24 hours at a time. The game is all about scoring goals with flicks of your fingers, avoiding burly defenders and goalkeepers. The flicking mechanic is perfectly tuned, complete with aftertouch.

A variety of modes, from hitting bullseye targets to scoring against the clock, keeps it interesting, and there is even an online multiplayer option for short, sharp matches testing your skills against real opponents. admin