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Free Book Reader Book Reader offers free access to thousands of books in all genres and access to Amazon Kindle The Kindle app puts millions of books at your fingertips. Cool Reader 3 Ported version of the famous program for reading electronic books Cool reader Aldiko Book Reader Premium Read and download thousands of books right on your Android phone or tablet.

It supports TXT Main ebook formats: Forum Topics.

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Extreme Car Driving. Stunt Race. Conctact page error, delete my account. Http error when trying to upload ringtone. Body Scanner Free Prank. Christian ringtones. Wedding Dance Videos Follow mobiles Input "Kindle for android" and tap "GO". Then download Kindle for Android app with Amazon Appstore. Note, only US users are permitted to download app from Amazon Appstore.

Non-US users can go to their domestic Amazon site such as www. This method is open to all usersalthough the available app might not be the latest version. Tap the file to install the app when the downloading is over. You can also click here to download Kindle for Android app apk to your device or computer then transfer the downloaded APK file to your device via the USB cable.

You'd better register your Kindle for Android app before reading. Actually, people will be asked to do so the first time they run the app.

Once Kindle app is registered on an Android device, all the previously purchased Kindle books under the same account will be synced under the "Archive" category automatically, together with the related notes, highlights and the furthest reading page only for purchased books due to Amazon Kindle's whispersync technology. You don't need to download your Kindle books manually. Select a title and it will be downloaded to the device at once. Create an Amazon account free if you don't have one yet.

If you don't have any Kindle book, you can find many free books on Amazon website.

Amazon Kindle for Samsung Galaxy Y S - free download APK file for Galaxy Y S

Here I will show you how to purchase a free Kindle book and download it to your Android device. Tap "Buy Now with 1-Click", then "Read it Now", the book will be downloaded to your device immediately. Tap "Dismiss" the "Reading Tips" the first time reading and enjoy your first Kindle book! Subscribe to one or two so that you won't miss any. Both downloaded Amazon Kindle books and books from public domains can be transferred to Android device for reading. Just connect the android device to your computer with a USB cable. The device will be recognized as a removable disc at once.

Be sure to copy and paste the downloaded eBook files to the "Kindle" folder. They will be shown under the "On Device" category. All local books are displayed under "On Device" shelf downloaded books should be placed under the default "Kindle" folder. Tap a title to open and read.

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Holding down a word enables users to note, highlight and do other operations search in Book, search Wikipedia or search the Web. You can also tap "Download" in the bottom of the screen so as to add a free dictionary to Kindle app. The whole downloading process only takes several minutes in general. In the end, there is one more thing I have to mention. Users do not really possess their purchased Kindle books although they have paid for them.

What people really possess is the ticket to reading. In case the ticket eBook provider ended its service, such as Mobipocket and Fictionwise, readers would lose their purchased books for good. Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.

So what do you want to know about reading Kindle books on Android?

How to Read Kindle Books on an Android Tablet / Phone

Maybe we can answer your questions in private, or write another post. Which format does the Kindle recognise, i mean. Can i read. Maybe you can try to uninstall Kindle app on your tablet, then reinstall it to solve the problem. Hi, Thanks. But my galaxy note Would you have any suggestions how to fix it? Try directly download an.

Only for the truly inexperienced. Told me nothing I hadn't figured out for myself, and I'm not so smart. Just ask my wife ;.

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Hi KMF, We write different articles from different angles to cover different readers. And this post if for those pure tech rookies. Well it it weren't for this article I would have thrown my G Tablet in the garbage. Amazon kept telling me it didn't recognize my android. Hi, thank you for you article, but I have a question, can you upload whole folders into your kindle app?

Well, will the kindle app recognize it as series? Or it won't see it at all?

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  • PDF Reader for Samsung Galaxy Y S - free download APK file for Galaxy Y S.
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Thank you in advance for your answer. Hi Ongakuka, I am not sure if the Kindle app is able to recognize a serie of books. However you can create colletion to organize your books in my experience. But how good is one to two pillow cases of standard size, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. It is suitable under leaf layer. Bought a new android phone with Kindle app. Downloaded four of my Kindle books from the cloud to the phone but when I open any of the books all I get is a white blank.

Slider bar for pages at the bottom works, but I can't get any pages to open. I used to do that with my other androids. They work fine, but I recently got my Samsung S5, I did the same thing but nothing appears under my "On Device" shelf. Do you know why? Last night, my daughter could read her Kindle book on her android tablet that she downloaded but she couldn't find it in her downloads or on the Kindle app this morning. Where would she find it on her tablet? She does not have internet access during the day. I think your daughter might archive the book by accident.

Once the book is synced to your cellphone, you can raed it offline, it won't use your data. How do you copy and paste quotes from the book you are reading with the Kindle app on the nexus 7 tablet? I have the kindle app on my galaxy mega. Ive read tons of books on here I just downloaded some more and when I try to read them the only thing that shows up is the title and that Im on page 2 but no words..

Why cant I read my book?! If these books are bought from Amazon. I've been trying to download a version of the Kindle app. Nothing seems to work.

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